This Exchange service offers 4 static exchange rates.  Service is provided by zsecoin and Weigrate Ltd team. all contact information and  verification can be found on website. please read carefully all terms and tutorials.
Service is created to support ZSE survive and successful business in crypto currencies world from the beginning  of it’s way.
Website: exchange.zsecoin.com
Contacts: zse-exchange@weigrate.com
ZSE TRADE – it is a fastest and  safest way to buy and sell zsecoins. No  3rd parts involved in transaction. Transactions are secured  with escrow functionality which protect buyer and seller at a same time.
Permanent website monitoring by admin.
24/7 support.
Website: www.zse-trade.com
Contacts: info@zse-trade.com
Contacts: support@zse-trade.com
Contacts: opportunity@zse-trade.com
The Cryptopia marketplace lets you sell anything, to anyone, anywhere in the world in exchange for cryptocurrency. Buy/Sell items free of charge or setup an Auction or classified listing and start using your crypto today.
The Cryptopia Mineshaft is a streamlined and easy to use mining platform for cryptocurrencies. Supports all miners from single CPU or GPU users to full blown ASIC masters.
The Cryptopia exchange is a quick easy way to convert your crypto. Whether it be for paying bills, buying something from the Cryptopia marketplace or you simply love to collect virtual coins.
24/7 support.
Website: www.cryptopia.co.nz
Security is our priority. We employ an agressive cold storage policy on all currencies in our system.
We aim to support a large number of crypto currencies, and provide a stable market for smaller niche currencies.
Asset Trading
We will be providing some unique trading opportunities apart from currencies, more infomation coming soon.
We believe good support is second only to security and endevour to answer your queries as quickly as possible.
Website: https://www.coinexchange.io