ZSECOIN Is The Official Coin For E-Sports Amateur Competitors’ League

“A Disruptive and Truly Multi-Generational Store of Wealth for the Next 130 Years! ZSECOIN Grows at Approximately 8% API by our Cold Staking Process.  You are Continually Rewarded With Free ZSECOIN for Simply Keeping your Wallet Turned on! Imagine the Possibilities…”


Unlike Bitcoin which should have its full amount of 21,000,000 mined within the next few years, ZSECOIN will take 130 years to completely mine the full amount.

This ensures the coin is anti-inflationary and makes this the world’s first truly multi-generational coin.  Your children and grandchildren could be inheriting, saving, spending and mining this coin.



Receive and make virtually instant transactions with some of the lowest fees available.  This is possible due to transaction processing done by network users who are rewarded by the network itself.  This process is called Proof of Stake or cold staking.

You are constantly rewarded with free ZSECOINS for simply downloading a wallet and keeping it turned on while you store your coins. Unlike other Proof of Stake programs which require you to keep a large amount of coins in your wallet to be eligible for rewards… ZSECOIN has no minimum or maximum set amount of coins that you must keep in your wallet, in order to be rewarded the full 8% annually.



Safe and secure. ZSECOIN uses a decentralized network, so there is no centralized third party to trust. During transaction processing users have no access to the information concerning sender, receiver, or the amount of money transferred.

This system is oriented towards fair and open business. Unlike Paypal or major credit and debit card transactions which allow for chargebacks, once a ZSECOIN transaction is completed, it is final.  The only way a ZSECOIN transaction can be reversed is by the free will of the parties involved.



Be your own bank!  ZSECOINn is an economical system for transfer of value anywhere in the world.  ZSECOIN does not require any banks, bankers or other third party approval.  This disruptive technology solves the problem of slow and expensive cross border payments.

With its transactional fees being measured in mere pennies, much lower than banks or credit cards, and often even free, all you have to do is broadcast your transaction to the ZSECOIN network. A transaction takes around 5 minutes and can be dispatched to any place on the Earth with internet access.



Reliable independent investment.  The amount of ZSECOIN awarded to the miners, called a Block Reward, is set to decrease over time, which creates scarcity.  Scarcity drives price.  As the cost of mining coins increases, so does the value of the coin.

Fewer coins produced combined with a higher cost of production makes your ZSECOIN portfolio worth more the longer you hold it. When you combine the appreciation in value along with your cold staking rewards of 8% API, the real value for ZSECOIN becomes readily apparent.



Get involved. Just like with the rise of the Internet, the DotCom boom and other networking technologies, the development of digital currencies opens up innumerable opportunities.  You may decide to provide services and infrastructure directly related to ZSECOIN, or become familiar with the way it works and offer ZSECOIN as a value added payment option to customers of any traditional business.

You have to start somewhere. Buy some ZSECOIN.  Download a wallet and practice using it to send and receive coins.  Download some mining software and mine some ZSECOIN or just stake some in your wallet and watch it grow.  Consider ideas to apply this new and exciting technology to your day-to-day activities.  See you at the top!



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ZSE 7106978.7294936

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Vanitygen is a command-line vanity ZSECOIN address generator.
If you’re tired of the random, cryptic addresses generated by regular ZSECOIN clients,
you can use vanitygen to create a more personalized address. Add unique flair when
you tell people to send ZSE to ex. Z1ZSECOIN88ErW1VedRCshGcLXbx44eouj